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Topic Details Format

When a topic image has been clicked, the topic details page for that subject area is displayed. This page shows a short overview paragraph about the topic with four icons displayed below it. These icons are links to four perspectives – viewpoints through which to better understand the topic. The four perspectives are Practical (physical), Textual (intellectual), Emotional (feelings), and Spiritual (soul), as shown below.

Clicking on an icon displays a page with a short paragraph explaining the topic from the perspective of that viewpoint; the icon is also highlighted.  The Practical Perspective display for the Jewish Death Practices topic can be seen in the image below.

View other perspectives by clicking on their respective icons.

In addition to the four perspectives, at the bottom of the page is a button to “Deeper Understanding”. This is a longer description explaining the topic in greater detail, an example is shown below. This is not specifically related to any of the perspectives, rather it encompasses all of them to give an overall understanding of the topic. These longer explanations for each topic include a listing of resources and links for more information about that topic. Note the scrollbar on the right to display more of the article.

At the top of each page is a tab with an arrow that is a link to return to the previous page.