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Display Options

At the top of the page is an icon in the shape of a gear. Clicking on this gear displays the display options, including printing, full-page viewing, display mode, and text size.

Full-Page View and Printing

First from the left are two circular icons that display the entire topic or display it in a new browser tab. Clicking the “print” icon prints the full topic directly. Clicking the “full screen” icon displays the topic in a new tab. This new format includes all information on that topic, that is: the topic overview, each of the four topic perspectives, and the longer text of the Entire Article. This page can then be downloaded or printed, or just used as an easy way to see the entire topic as one article. The new page has a button to print the page.

Display Mode and Text Size

The Display Mode button shows up with the word Dark in it. Clicking this “Dark” button will enter “Dark Display Mode” – displaying a very dark background with light text. The word on the button has now become the word “Light” indicating that clicking it now will enter “Light Display Mode” – displaying a light background with darker text.  Light Mode is the default display active when the tool begins.

To the right of the mode button are three sizes of the letter A, indicating small, medium, and large text display. Clicking one of these changes the page text font size to the selected size.